Archos preparing high-end tablet contenders

Archos preparing high-end tablet contendersJust recently we brought you news of Archos' cheerfully priced Arnova tablets, which run Android but come with a limited spec and a wallet-busting price.

But if you thought the French gadget maker was only interested in the low end of the market, you'd be wrong, as new reports are suggesting it's lining up a range of high-end slates for later this year.

According to NetbookNews a spokesman for the company says the new premium tablets are being lined up for the IFA technology show in Berlin in August – following a similar pattern to previous years when the company's entry-level affairs made their debut at CeBIT early in the year, to be followed by pricier gear later.

Whatever Archos does, however, it's going to have a far more difficult job differentiating itself in what is rapidly becoming a hopelessly oversubscribed tablet market.

It stands a better job at the budget end of the market, where there isn't as much competition, but of course there's lower profits to be had too. At the high end, the company risks being swamped among the dozens of other Android-powered slates – all of them under increasing pressure to push the value-for-money angle since Apple's launch of the iPad 2 this week.

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