ARM unveils next-gen GPU goodness

ARM unveils next-gen GPU goodnessARM’s current GPU flagship is the quad-core Mali 450-MP. It proudly powers Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III, but this time next year it’ll be a laughing stock (not really).

See, ARM has unveiled its next generation of Mali GPUs, and they’re every bit as efficient and multi-cored as one would expect. Huzzah!

The new chaps are the Mali T624, Mali T628, and Mali T678. They’re built on ARM's Midgard architecture, like the first-gen T604 and T658, but crucially these new guys offer up to 50% performance increase.

The Mali T624 offers one to four cores, while the T628 goes all the way up to eight. Both are aimed at smartphones and Smart TVs, and the latter – get this – promises up to 10 times the performance of the Galaxy S II’s Mali 400-MP. Boom!

The Mali T678 is aimed at tablets, with one to eight cores, and 50% performance improvement over the Mali T658.

ARM’s Steve Steele tells TechRadar: "Things like HDR and manipulating images on the phone [will be improved]. Gaming physics engines can run more realistically and more efficiently.

"Another use case is not to do with imagery at all – it's in audio where voice or speech recognition is compute intense to do accurately and not have to train the voice. So it's not just about imagery but also about things under the hood."

Sounds good to us.

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