Asus to make 7in Nexus tablet, launching May?

Asus to make 7in Nexus tablet, launching May?Bagging Nexus deals with Google is a pretty big dealio for Android OEMs. To date, only Samsung and HTC have been blessed, churning out the Nexus One, Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus between them.

We haven’t had a proper Nexus tablet just yet, but the rumour mill is pointing its finger at Q2 2012, and now it reckons Asus is the chosen son.

Following Google’s acquisition of Motorola, many assumed the latter would become the natural choice for Nexus devices. However, Google has promised not to give Motorola preferential treatment.

Asus is said to have been chosen thanks to its high product quality. Presumably Google isn’t too concerned about the Wi-Fi problems on the original Transformer Prime.

Interestingly, HTC - which cranked out the first Nexus smartphone - was reportedly in the running, however it insisted on directing development, and wasn’t too keen on the modest specs and price point.

Speaking of specs, the Asus Nexus tablet is tipped to have a 7in display, quad-core processor and Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), and it’ll be priced around $199-249 to take on the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Digitimes’ sources suggest the Asus Nexus tablet could launch as early as May. Back in December, Google’s Eric Schmidt said: "In the next six months we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality,” so May might well be on the money.

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Pondlife  Mar. 10, 2012 at 14:38

Not Nexus named but wasn't the xoom somewhat partnership thing, I know it's a GED?

matt101101 / MOD  Mar. 10, 2012 at 14:41

Yeah, the Xoom was the launch platform for Honeycomb, there were very close ties between Motorola and Google during the creation of the Xoom, AFAIK.


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