Asus begins countdown to the future

Asus begins countdown to the futureIn the past we’ve seen Asus “In Search of Incredible”, and here the Taiwanese manufacturer is counting down to the future. Literally.

In just over three days (i.e. Tuesday, October 28), Asus will kindly “UNLOCK THE FUTURE”, which seemingly plays host to a new smartphone and smartwatch.

The UNLOCK THE FUTURE countdown appears over on, above a couple of accompanying teaser images.

The first appears to be the bottom corner of some sort of smartphone, while the second is clearly smartwatch-shaped.

It’s anyone’s guess what the smartphone might be at this stage, with some suggesting it could be a new Asus ZenFone – or one of several new Asus ZenFones plural.

The first batch of Asus ZenFones launched at CES 2014 in January, and the Taiwanese said they were actually struggling to meet demand, despite churning out a healthy one million units each month. Ok, not exactly iPhone 6 levels of supply/demand, but impressive nonetheless.

Speaking of the iPhone 6, Asus recently quipped: "Six ZenFones for the whole family, or one apple for yourself?"

As for the smartwatch, the Asus ZenWatch launched properly at IFA 2014 in September, but prior to that, we heard that the Taiwanese were already contemplating a successor. Could this be it? Certainly looks that way.

Full story on Tuesday next week.

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