Asus contemplating new ZenFone range and second smartwatch

Asus contemplating new ZenFone range and second smartwatch

Remember the Asus ZenFone range (above)? Me neither. Seemingly it was announced at CES 2014 back in January (as reported by, uhm, yours truly), comprised of the ZenFone 4, 5 and 6, all three rocking low to mid-range specs.

CEO Jerry Shen says the trio has performed surprisingly well, and as such a successor/s is/are in the pipeline, alongside a new smartwatch.

Speaking at some sort of investor conference this week, Shen revealed that the Asus ZenFone is so popular, in fact, that the Taiwanese manufacturer is struggling to meet demand – that’s despite churning out around a million units per month. Not too shabby.

While Shen didn’t say anything too specific, it’d certainly make sense for the Asus ZenFone 2 range to debut at CES 2015 this coming January.

As for the smartwatch, well, Asus’ first smartwatch still hasn’t seen the light of day, though it’s tipped to touch down at IFA 2014 next month. We’re told Google is rather impressed with Asus’ Android Wear debut, which deftly juggles quality and price.

Shen observes that the smartwatch segment has yet to explode (come ooooon, iWatch), and while the first Asus smartwatch will likely bring little profit, a successor will inevitably follow, hopefully bringing in megabucks.

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