Asus vs. LG vs. HTC for the ‘next Nexus tablet’?

Asus vs. LG vs. HTC for the ‘next Nexus tablet’?The whole Nexus thing is fairly confusing at the moment. Asus has churned out two consecutive Google Nexus 7s (2012, 2013) and LG is widely expected to follow up the Nexus 4 with the Nexus 5.

But when it comes to next year, things are very much up in the air; we’re hearing that Asus, LG and HTC are battling it out for Google’s affections in the tablet arena.

That’s the word according to Taiwan’s Commercial Times, though it adds to the confusion by neglecting to mention if we’re talking about the next Google Nexus 7, a successor to the 2012 Nexus 10, or something else altogether.

We’ve already heard that LG might nab the Google Nexus 7 baton from Asus next year, with credit going to LG Display.

In the Google Nexus 10 category, last year’s edition was built by Samsung, though we’re told an Asus-built Nexus 10 might follow alongside the imminent Google Nexus 5.

As for HTC, they’ve yet to follow up on the disastrous 7in Gingerbread-flavoured HTC Flyer. There was the 10.1in HTC Jetstream in the US, to be fair, but even that’s now two years old.

However, just yesterday, we heard that HTC is threatening to unleash a “nice and disruptive” (ahem) tablet. Was that a vague hint at a team-up with Google?

The source reckons Google will make its selection in December, so presumably we’ll hear more about the Nexus situation then.

via: Unwired View

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