Asus Padfone set for Mobile World Congress reveal?

Asus Padfone set for Mobile World Congress reveal?The Asus Padfone first raised its twin heads at the tail end of May, and we’ve been waiting patiently for official news since then.

A few weeks ago, Asus CEO Jerry Shen suggested the Padfone would launch in February, and that’s exactly what Nicole Scott of Netbooknews whispered in Engadget’s ear during a recent podcast.

February is synonymous with one thing in ye olde mobile industry, and that’s Mobile World Congress. We’ll be there with a can of San Miguel in one hand and a pizza slice in the other, and the aforementioned Miss Scott reckons we’ll be able to paw the Asus Padfone. Nice.

Furthermore, the Padfone will supposedly rock a quad-core Tegra 3, same as the Asus Transformer Prime. As for Ice Cream Sandwich, who knows? If the Asus Padfone doesn’t ship with Android 4.0, it’ll inevitably be updated soon after.

There are two components to the Asus Padfone, namely a 4.3in smartphone and a 10.1in tablet. The former nestles in the latter, allowing the tablet to access the phone's apps and photos and junk. The big guy can also go online using the little guy's 3G connection.

Roll on Mobile World Congress, I say.

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