ASUS planning 3D quad-core tablet

ASUS planning 3D quad-core tabletThese tablets are all much of a muchness. Dual-core, Android, 10in screen, blah blah blah. ASUS, however, is aiming to stand out from the pack with a 3D quad-core tablet later in the year. Granted, LG’s Optimus Pad already supports 3D, but quad-core is pretty impressive, no?

The plans were revealed when ASUS CEO, Jerry Shen, spoke to at this week’s CeBIT trade fair in Hanover, Germany.

It’s not clear at this early stage whether it’ll adopt autostereoscopic technology, or if it’ll need glasses like the LG Optimus Pad.

The article was originally written in Russian, but a quick google translation contains the phrase: “ASUS plans to make netbooks MeeGo and Android.” Bizarre-o.

Shen explains: “We are actively working with Intel, and since April to June are planning to submit its first netbook MeeGo. The model will be on the Atom. Moreover, there will be another model on the Atom, but with Android.”

As for ASUS’ smartphone plans, they’ll continue to focus on Android for now, but Jerry thinks Windows Phone 7 is “very promising”. Try telling that to Samsung Omnia 7 owners.

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