Asus rep: Nexus 7 coming end of June

Asus rep: Nexus 7 coming end of JuneIt’s probably fair to say that the iPhone 5 is mayor of Rumour City at the moment, but a fair few tongues are wagging about this budget Google Nexus tablet thingy, too.

The rumour mill appeared to have settled on July for the Nexus tablet launch, but an Asus rep reckons it’ll actually be this month. June!

That’s the story according to Android Authority, who spoke to an Asus rep at this year’s Computex in Taipei.

Unfortunately, that was all the Asus rep was willing to confirm, but promised that the Nexus tablet “will be awesome”.

It was rumoured that it might in fact be Samsung behind the Nexus slate, but more recently we’ve heard that the tablet will be called the Asus Nexus 7. As the name suggests, it’s expected to have a 7in display.

Other Asus Nexus 7 specs are thought to include a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, and Ice Cream Sandwich. Probably a bit early to start rolling out Jelly Bean, with less than one in 10 users rocking ICS.

Like the Amazon Kindle Fire, the Asus Nexus 7 will be priced around $199, but – unlike the Kindle Fire – it’ll have full access to the Android Market.

Google I/O takes place from June 27 to June 29. Seems like a pretty safe bet for the Asus Nexus 7 launch.

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Pondlife  Jun. 11, 2012 at 14:25

Hmm think I can wait that long to see how it stacks up.


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