Asus smartphone leaked in product slides, numerous other devices also in the pipeline

Asus smartphone leaked in product slides, numerous other devices also in the pipelineNew Google Nexus 7 aside, I feel like we haven’t written a great deal about Taiwanese manufacturer Asus of late.

Well, we’re about to right that particular wrong with one, two, three… *loses count*… lots of new Asus devices, including something called the MeMOFone HD 5.

A couple of leaked Asus product slides have been doing the rounds, supposedly from some sort of meeting in France.

I wont’ lie to you; I’m having trouble figuring out what’s new and what’s already here. We’ve already met the Asus PadFone Infinity and FonePad Note FHD 6, so let’s scratch those off.

Sticking with the “ASUS Smartphone Strategy” slide, I’m pretty sure the PadFone mini is a new one, ditto the FonePad HD 7 (presumably an HD version of the existing FonePad) and the MeMOFone HD 5.

Moving onto the “ASUS Pad Strategy”, the MeMO Pad HD 7 looks familiar, and there’s obviously the new Google Nexus 7.

The new guys (I think) are the Transformer Pad FHD, Transformer Pad HD and the MeMO Pad HD 8.

Phew. Am I the only one struggling to keep on top of the whole PadFone, FonePad, MeMOFone, MeMO Pad, Transformer Pad thing? Those names could do with a bit of work, man.

There’s no specific word on prices, release dates or geographical availability just yet, but it looks like Asus has – yes – lots of new stuff planned.

via: VR-Zone

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