New Asus tablet pictured: is it the Eee Pad Transformer 2?

New Asus tablet pictured: is it the Eee Pad Transformer 2?There's nothing like a good mystery, and Asus has delivered just that courtesy of this attractive looking new Eee Pad tablet that's been spotted out in the wild.

We've nothing other than a couple of images and the model name TF300T to go on, but its visual resemblance to the original Eee Pad Transformer suggests we could well be looking at its successor.

News of this mystery Asus slate hits us courtesy of Taiwanese site NCCC after the TF300T was spotted heading through the doors at certification body Quietek.

The pictures don't offer much by way of detail, but the stylish maroon chassis certainly gets a thumbs up in the looks department.

The TF300T name doesn't give much away either – it roughly follows the same naming pattern as the original Transformer (TF101) and the Transformer Prime (TF201), and we assume that the jump to the number 300 isn't because it's an even higher-specced device than the TF201, but rather simply that it's the latest generation.

In fact, given the similarities in looks to the original Transformer – a device that's surely ripe for a refresh right about now – the likely bet is that this beauty will end up going by the name Eee Pad Transformer 2.

Hopefully we'll find out more at Mobile World Congress later this month.


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