Asus threatens to ‘transform’ a bunch of stuff, new Transformer at IFA 2013?

Asus threatens to ‘transform’ a bunch of stuff, new Transformer at IFA 2013?You have to give Asus credit for keeping something in the tank for IFA (yes, we’re looking at you, Acer and LG). Instead of issuing full spoilers (or “press releases”, if you prefer), the Taiwanese are indulging in good old-fashioned teasing over on Facebook.

Specifically, Asus is enjoying a daily countdown, with a bunch of “We Transform…” picture thingies.

The obvious inference is a new Asus Transformer Pad, perhaps with a Tegra 4 processor, though the Taiwanese also yell: “Get ready for the evolution of an iconic notebook design.”

Over the past four days, Asus has promised to transform our possibilities, our mobility, our perception (that’s the notebook one), and – most recently – our creativity. Interestingly, the accompanying shot for that last one features a stylus.

A recently leaked product slide included a bunch of Asus stuff we’ve yet to meet, including the PadFone mini, FonePad HD 7, MeMOFone HD 5, Transformer Pad HD, Transformer Pad FHD and the MeMO Pad HD 8. Phew.

Of course, one thing we shouldn't expect from Asus is something in the Windows 8 RT category, after describing the watered-down OS as "unsuccessful". Eek.

IFA opens its doors officially on September 6, but I’ll eat my hat if we don’t learn more about Asus’ plans before then.

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