Asus Transformer Prime pre-order woes for UK peeps

Asus Transformer Prime pre-order woes for UK peepsLast month, Amazon US cancelled a bunch of Asus Transformer Prime pre-orders due to “lack of availability”, and now we’re hearing that Amazon’s transatlantic UK brother is having similar problems.

In contrast to the US, where at least those customers had some prior warning, Amazon UK customers found out just hours ahead of the launch that they mightn’t receive the quad-core beast as soon as expected.

Asus posted a note to customers on its Facebook page on Wednesday night regarding the long awaited Thursday launch, and looking back now it sounds suitably ominous.

The Taiwanese manufacturer wrote: “Eee Pad Transformer Prime launches tomorrow. Retailers and etailers will have stock and will begin shipping to clear back-orders first. We can’t give exact details for each retailer to please check with them if you need specific information.”

So it’s a case of “Don’t come crying to us.” Nice one, Asus. Indeed, Asus has yet to respond to any of the 143 comments on its original Facebook post.

One irate customer bawled: "Had an email from Amazon to say there's been a delay receiving stock from the supplier. Asus say they've shipped it, Amazon says they haven't. Which is it? And why do I only find out at 2.30am on launch day that there's an issue supplying the prime?!"

Here’s the deal on various sites at the mo:

  • Amazon – not available directly from Amazon, however we have one Asus Transformer Prime available from a seller for £1,071.49. Cripes.
  • ebuyer – Asus Transformer Prime appears to have disappeared from listings.
  • Currys – reckons it’ll have the Asus Transformer Prime re-stocked “Within 8 to 10 days”.
  • Carphone Warehouse – Asus Transformer Prime in stock? Get in quick!

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aerlix  Jan. 13, 2012 at 18:12

Curry's/Dixons/PC World have been saying 8 to 10 days since at least the 8th, I think that is just an arbitrary number rather than a real ETA, asking them on the phone was no less vague, in fact I think they were just reading off their website. When was the ETA yesterday? '8 to 10 days' what was it today? '8 to 10 days'. What will it be in a week? '8 to 10..........'. I just ordered from Carphone Warehouse, fingers crossed! Cancelling PC World order since they don't seem to have a clue what is going on...


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