Asus Transformer TF300T detailed

Asus Transformer TF300T detailedAround a couple of weeks ago, we first heard of a spanking new tablet (yep, another one) from Asus, called the Transformer TF300T.

We had literally nothing to go on in terms of specs, and nothing could be deduced from the model number, but now Polish site Tabletowo is dishing the dirt on Asus’ latest tablet.

The original Asus Eee Pad Transformer is the TF101 and the Asus Transformer Prime is the TF201. Does the Asus Transformer TF300T represent another significant technological leap forward? Not so much.

The Asus Transformer TF300T reportedly has a 10.1in 1280x800 display, 1.2GHz quad-core Tegra 3 processor, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, microHDMI, an 8MP/1.2MP camera combo, 16GB internal storage, 1GB of RAM, Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and a docking station connector.

How does that differ from the Asus Transformer Prime? Well, the Asus Transformer TF300T is actually lighter on the internal storage, and the processor is clocked ever-so-slightly slower, yet it weighs a good 54g more. What the…?

At this early stage, it’s not known where or when the Asus Transformer TF300T will be released, or how much it’ll cost. However, we’ll be tying Asus to a chair at Mobile World Congress and demanding answers.

via: Unwired View

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Jim988  Feb. 18, 2012 at 17:38

Judging by the picture, its an asus transformer prime without the aluminium casing which caused major problems with Wi-Fi and GPS.

This is basically what the transformer prime should have been.

atul292  Feb. 20, 2012 at 18:35

It's just an attempt to bring a cheaper Prime, with all the hype sorrounding the icon product, TF201. I dunno about the effect on GPS/WIFI issues with the new plastic shield ( may be true ), but it sure should bring down the price to about 300 USD. That would be very hard to say no to, but it is certainly not surprising. Back in Dec 2011, when the Nvidia Tegra 3 was launched, it's CEO had in fact predicted Tegra 3 to be the most used chipset by tablet makers going forward to 2012. I had predicted that 300 USD Tegra 3 machines will be in abundance by March/April 2012, and I don't think we are too far from that !


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