Asus still considering Windows Phone 7

Asus still considering Windows Phone 7Taiwan-based manufacturer Asus signed on as one of the first Windows Phone 7 partners, but was conspicuous by its absence at last October’s launch. Now, according to a Mobile World Congress article published by Forbes, Asus is still weighing up its WP7 options.

Benson Lin, corporate vice president and general manager of Asus’ mobile devices unit, reveals: “We came up with a first-generation product on Windows Phone 7 that we could have gone to market with. We were ready.”

However, Microsoft engineers were the only ones to use the phones. Prior to launch, Asus realised it “didn’t have the bandwidth” to support its Windows Phone 7 plan.

As such, Asus decided to hold off temporarily. “We knew we had the ability to do it but decided to look for the best timing,” explains Lin. “We figured that one year later, Windows Phone 7 should be in very good shape.”

Asus will assess its Windows Phone 7 strategy while at Mobile World Congress. “The operator voice will be the key factor to think of in our Windows Phone 7 strategy.”

And Asus isn’t swayed by the big news of Microsoft’s partnership with Nokia. “We’re more concerned with the end user point of view, whether customers want Windows Phone 7 — not with what Nokia is doing.”

Lin concludes: “For the moment, we are all Android but we feel ready for Windows Phone. After all, we have experience with it already.”

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