August 30 2013AD: D-day for Three in Australia

August 30 2013AD: D-day for Three in AustraliaWaaaaaay before Mobot was even a twinkle in the big boss’ eye, Vodafone and Three merged in Australia and chose to operate under the more globally familiar Vodafone name.

For those customers still technically on Three contracts, the world – the mobile world, that is – is about to end on August 30.

Three customers in Australia are free to move to the network of their choosing, though the easiest option – the one Big Red hopes they’ll go for – is to pick up a Vodafone SIM and keep the same number and that.

"3 customers have already been using the Vodafone network since August 2012, so all they need to do now is pick up a new Vodafone SIM and plan to continue to use their same handset and mobile number,” roars Vodafone Director of Customer Care, Cormac Hodgkinson. “We are working hard to ensure customers have a seamless experience.”

Funnily enough, “seamless” was the buzzword used by Vodafone UK boss Guy Lawrence, in a recent 4G-flavoured rant.

Vodafone customers in both Australia and the UK are eagerly anticipating the switch-on of Big Red’s 4G. Well, I say “eagerly anticipating”; it remains to be seen how much demand there is for 4G.

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