The Mobot Editorial Team

Emma Kelly: Mobotorial Director

Emma started out as a moderator on and now manages the HotUKDeals blog network, including sister sites and She's a work-at-home mum who combines her love of technology with a bit of gaming and deal-hunting.

Martin James: Mobotorial Editor

Martin is an experienced tech journalist who has worked on just about every format going, from digital magazines and websites to print mags and daily newspapers. He first started dallying with mobile phones as reviews editor of one of the UK's leading consumer tech sites, and looks forward to the day he can leave his laptop behind forever and work exclusively on his phone.

Having been based at home since the birth of his first child in late 2009, Martin now splits his time between trying to figure out how to be a dad and dreaming up fresh new ways for Mobot to take over the universe.

Lewis Curdie: Mobo-writer

Having thrown off the shackles of the call-centre planning world, Lewis decided to travel the globe in 2010 and see what happened, hopefully finding his niche along the way. He made a tentative foray into writing with a travel blog, and two weeks later found himself penning "How to..." guides for HotUKDeals' sister site,

Now back in sunny Glasgow, Lewis spends his days writing news, features, deals and app reviews for Mobot. He also plays drums in a ludicrously pretentious heavy rock band, and dedicates his remaining time to video gaming.

Jan Stuhlmacher: Mobo-writer

Jan Stuhlmacher is currently being held hostage by two cats, a fact that could explain why many of his contributions to Mobot sound like disguised cries for help. He acquired what he knows about mobile technology in Ireland's wildest west, a sort of low-tech Azkaban where sneaky improvisation skills became his second nature. He has been a long-time contributor to mobile site ixplora - his geek home away from home. Ixplora's admin slapped enough sense of focus into Jan to make his articles decipherable for non-Jans. In his time off, he makes world peace.

Dave Oliver: Mobo-reviewer

Dave Oliver got the mobile bug when he was managing editor of Stuff magazine, “back when there were handsets as big as pigs”. He’s since reviewed phones for just about anyone who can afford to fund his crank calls habit, including The Register, T3, TechRadar, Mobile Choice and Smartphone Tracker. “Mobiles are like a box of chocolates,” he says, a mite cryptically. “Some of ’em are finger-lickin’ good, and some of ’em have centres that taste like pus.”

Jonathan Lester: Mobo-gamer

As Dealspwn's resident gaming News Editor, Jonathan frequently ambles out from behind his comfortable news desk to review the App Store's hottest properties. He's a self-confessed power geek with several years of industry experience and a degree in an unrelated field (through which he spent more time building an arcade machine than he spent studying). When it comes to gaming, Jon's seen it all... and has probably written an FAQ or two about it.

Phil Lavelle: Mobo-writer

Phil Lavelle is a journalist based in London. Up until early 2011, he was a Correspondent for the BBC1 'Breakfast' show and BBC News Channel where he still freelances regularly. Prior to that, he was a Correspondent and Presenter for BBC London TV, Channel Five News, Sky News and Assistant Editor of Al Jazeera.

A smartphone geek, he dreads to think how much he's spent over the years on such gadgets but now gets to play with them for free, writing for both Mobot and TechRadar, before spending cash. Away from tech, Phil is an obsessive runner and gym-fan (currently training for another marathon) with a soft spot for dogs - particularly his own.

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