Can anyone tell me something awesome on IOS that Android doesn't have?

I lost my S4 and am missing my Android phone so much. I have to use my dad’s previous iPhone 4S as a temporary replacement. I said I'd give iOS a shot since it is my only option, but losing my S4 was really horrible. I miss the widgets, the customization , the automation and even my new mpj extended battery. I know IOS is popular and I should appreciate the iPhone more than I did. Can anyone tell me something awesome on IOS that Android doesn't have? Thanks.

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 28, 2013 at 18:11

I haven't had a chance to get my iPhone's camera fixed, and my N9 died.
I have a loaner Xperia Z1 for the holidays. I hate it. Decent camera. Great hardware.
Fast etc... The OS? It doesn't appeal to me. Zero. It is to me the least attractive OS ever.
It IS called taste.
I do not see any useful purpose of widgets. None. It's a personal thing.
I'm not a big iOS fan, but: it does whatever it can do very well. It is relatively reliable - I have yet to experience an app just closing or freezing, anf I have used EVERY iPhone and iPad since Apple entered the mobile market.
It's a platitude, but a true one: it (mostly) just works. It's shortcomings such as the reliance of iTunes are things you either get to live with or you do not. Easy. That is why we do not get forced by the government to all use the same device.

I used to like Android ca 2010/11... since then I find it's gone downhill. Nothing gets better until it's perfect or close. Nope: constant change. Updates so frequent that I, as a fairly informed user cannot keep up.

You see, I represent the kind of user who like to take the phone from a box, and in 5-10 minutes it's ready to use. No weird background stuff, no endless, but from device to device different options... I now and again enjoin to tweak and mod. I've rooted dozens of Android phones, flashed many many ROMs, I have a HD2 that dualboots Android and WinMo...
But as the device that I RELY ON I prefer something I don't need to invest hours in....

There. Others have other reasons. I'm sure, and Android may one day take a turn I'd like to follow - just like I have started to enjoy Windows Phone which, at first, I hated.


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