Three AYCE data for £9.90pm

Hi guys, just thought i'd post this deal here-

200 mins/5000 texts/500mb for £6.90pm (£2.74pm with Quidco)
You can add the contract term AYCE to this plan for £3pm making it £9.90pm (£5.74pm with quidco).

This makes it Three's cheapest tariff with AYCE data and a pretty good one for texters as well. Only downside is you can't tether.

Worth a punt for anyone looking for a cheap contract giff gaff style. (Three do account capping as well)

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matt101101 / MOD  Aug. 20, 2012 at 21:26

Cheap, but what's the point in AYCE data without tethering? Who wants to watch that many videos on a tiny display when they're out and about?

Do Three still do tethering deals? I know T-Mobile (the only other UK network offering unlimited data with tethering) pulled tethering from their Full Monty plan. Without tethering, unlimited data seems kinda pointless.

AhmadCentral  Aug. 20, 2012 at 21:59

True, but if you look at any sim only plan from the major networks, you have to spend an awful lot of money just to have over 1GB allowance.

T-Mo - Minimum £18pm on 12 month contract
Orange- Minimum £31pm on 12 month contract
Vodafone- Minimum £20.50 on 12 month contract
O2- Minimum £20 or £25pm on 12 month contract

Seeing that people these days need at least 500mb on a smartphone, and how the average use for smartphone users is now 1.2GB per month then a plan for £9.90pm with unlimited data is quite attractive. It is £8 cheaper then the next alternative from another network. Plus with cashback it works out at under £6pm which is enough to shut up any proud giff gaff touting moron (no offense good users of giff gaff who don't think its the best network in the world and think they have to tell everyone they meet about it)

Three still do tethering on the One plan. You can add tethering (1GB) to this plan for £5pm. But this is just good for a user who uses internet on their phone a lot (1GB plus) and doesn't want to fork out extra with another network. The fact is this deal offers a lot of texts and data for a cheap amount so it's good for a user who will use the data and texts a lot. Sure there isn't a lot of minutes but it's a good amount for the price/


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