Bad time to buy a Samsung Galaxy S III?

Do you think it's a bad time to buy a Samsung Galaxy S III? I'm thinking I might be better waiting till the Samsung Galaxy S IV if it's due in April/May.......

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campbellc1052  Jan. 15, 2013 at 08:14

I personally just upgraded from the S2 to the S3 and I absolutely love it, I don't see how many more features Samsung could stuff into the S4 if and when it comes out. It just all depends, if you are someone who always has to have the latest and greatest then by all means wait. I usually wait to get a new device until the bugs have been worked out and there is a good group of devs built up

JanSt / MOD  Jan. 15, 2013 at 08:45

Campbell has a point.
You need a high-end phone NOW? You prefer Android as an OS?
Buy an S3.
If you just want the latest and best, well... Time to get a mortgage. Cause there is always something just a few weeks or months away. And until you have used it, you won't know if it is worth the upgrade. Sometimes admitting that you don't really need that "it" makes you open for new things. Our mod matt is a huge S2 fan. The S3 seemed a done deal. Then he decided it doesn't do anything that his S2 can't do adequately... He waited and then got a Note 2 instead - a phone he had dismissed as too big.

Very moving story when told by Dickens. But it's true.

For a year plus now I've used an N9. I never meant to keep it, but everytime I trialled one of last year's next big things I realised the N9 does most of what I need in a way that suits me and my needs...

Most new phones this year will be the size of the S3; many will look and feel better.
It's ALWAYS been that way.


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