Ballmer's crew already working on Microsoft Surface 2?

Ballmer's crew already working on Microsoft Surface 2?The ARM-based Microsoft Surface RT is set to land on October 26 as a Windows 8 launch device, however, word on the street is that Team Ballmer is already forging ahead with plans for a Microsoft Surface 2.

That’s exactly what the technology world has inferred from a bunch of ads on the Microsoft Careers site.

The story was first reported by TechRadar, and more than a dozen Microsoft Surface 2-related ads are said to have appeared between June and August.

The ads begin: "The Surface Team focuses on lighting up Microsoft experiences with touch first computing. A fundamental part of our strategy is having desirable and powerful devices that enable the experiences people want, and elicit their excitement.

“Creating these devices involves a close partnership between hardware and software engineers, designers, and manufacturing. We are currently building the next generation and Surface needs you!"

The notion of a Microsoft Surface 2 being in the pipeline at this relatively early stage isn’t particularly outrageous, though Team Ballmer recently conceded that the Surface might upset Windows 8 partners. Clearly it’s not that bothered after all.

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