Banana Kong iOS review

Banana Kong iOS reviewFirst off, apologies for reviewing yet another endless runner. Ahem. In my defense, something about the screenshots made me think Banana Kong was in fact some sort of Donkey Kong-inspired platform game.

As it happens, it’s proved crazy popular, topping the paid iOS apps chart in various territories, but is Banana Kong actually any good? Are we looking at the new Temple Run?

Well, the answers to those questions are: yes, Banana Kong is pretty good, but no, we’re not looking at the new Temple Run. Don’t be silly.

What’s the dealio? For starters, Banana Kong is a side-scrolling runner. Think Ski Safari, Jetpack Joyride, Time Surfer

With pretty lofty competition in the category, Banana Kong looks to stand out with the ability to glide, swing on vines, and access a pair of secret areas, namely a cave and the treetops.

Collecting bananas also fills a little speed boost meter in the top left, and unleashing the speed allows you to barge through obstacles.

Banana Kong iOS review

The obligatory shop facility makes an appearance, so you can buy one-off power-ups (including speed boosts and the ability to continue) and invest in long-term items such as the magnet.

Saving up for stuff in Banana Kong predictably takes freakin’ ages, and yes – you can use real money to speed things along, though - on the plus side - there are also challenges with piles of bananas up for grabs.

That’s all good in theory, but one in particular on my list at present makes little to no sense. Specifically, I’ll be awarded 500 bananas if I use the Revive power-up, but it costs – wait till you hear this – 2,500 bananas. For sale: £10 note. Buy it now: £50. Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

And that’s Banana Kong. I didn’t enjoy it anywhere near as much as the aforementioned trio, but for some reason I can’t stop playing it. Go figure.


  • Looks decent enough
  • The secret areas
  • Endless runners are, eh, good


  • Not a great deal of originality
  • Takes ages to save for goodies
  • The nonsensical 500/2500 challenge

Summary: Banana Kong is far from the best side-scrolling runner, but it’s oddly moreish. Well worth 69p.

Developer: FDG Entertainment

Price: 69p @ App Store

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Banana Kong iOS review

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ryangiggs  Mar. 22, 2013 at 10:25

Lovely GFX, looks good for 69p!


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