Bankshot iPhone review

Bankshot iPhone reviewY’know air hockey? The popular table game where you use the paddle thingy to shoot the puck at your opponent's goal? Bankshot is a wee bit like that. Sort of.

Bankshot has been described as “Paper Toss meets TRON”. That probably makes it sound a little more awesome than it actually is, but the basic aim is to launch a little disc at a target, preferably bouncing off as many walls as possible. Going straight for the target is not an option. So there.

There are three modes in Bankshot. The first, Classic, is a little dull to be honest. You can bounce the disc off the walls up to three times, and the position of the target moves after each attempt, but otherwise that’s it.

XL Mode is a little more interesting. It features an array of power-ups, such as the shield, which allows you to bounce off the walls ad nauseum; or at least until your momentum runs out. The 2X multiplier – no prizes for guessing – doubles your score. There’s also the brilliantly-named Death Spike and Death Wall (“AVOID!”).

Blitz Mode is a bit more mental. You have two minutes in which to score as many bankshots as possible, and unlimited lives. Several Death Spikes can appear at the same time, and often move around the screen. With multiple power-ups, it’s possible to rack up a huge score, a million miles away from the pedestrian Classic mode.

My main gripe is that the power-ups seem to be scattered arbitrarily. For example, there might be a 3x multiplier that you simply can’t get without inevitably heading towards a Death Wall.

And, well, that’s your lot in terms of game modes.

With an OpenFeint account, you can access global leaderboards, earn achievements and hook up with your amigos.

Bankshot is free, so – unsurprisingly – it’s fairly heavy on the advertising. Chances are the ads won’t bother you much, especially if you’re playing the frantic Blitz Mode, but you can upgrade to the ad-free version for 59p.

Is there anything else I can say? The playing area looks pretty cool. It’s all neon and stuff, hence the Tron reference. Er, and you can post your high scores to Twitter and Facebook. Right, I’m all out.


  • Blitz Mode is fun for a bit
  • Looks good


  • Very samey
  • Classic and XL are duuuull
  • Ads in the free version

Summary: Bankshot is fine. It’s fun for a while, and it’s free, so no harm done I guess.

Developer: Endloop Systems

Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

Price: Free @ App Store

Bankshot iPhone review

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