Basket Buddy Android review

Basket Buddy Android reviewA bit of a change of pace from the recent spate of iPad/iOS game reviews here. Meet: Basket Buddy HUKD Groceries.

While Basket Buddy possibly sounds like an unfortunate and presumably unwanted prison nickname, it is – in fact – a rather useful app that aims to save you a few quid when you hit the shops. Can’t argue with that.

Those of you familiar with the Hot UK Deals site, particularly the mobile version, will immediately feel at home with the Basket Buddy app, as the interface is largely the same. Good stuff.

Basket Buddy essentially displays a list or map of nearby stores, and the corresponding number of active deals for that store. When you tap in you will – in typical HUKD fashion – only see the hottest deals initially, but there’s an option to ‘show all’.

You can also choose to see the individual stores on a map (say you want that cheap toothpaste from Tesco but you don't know exactly where it is), though – somewhat confusingly – you do so through ‘More Info’, which contains nothing more than the map itself. An incredibly minor gripe, but one worth noting, devs.

Another minor complaint is that the app – with GPS inactive – keeps insisting that I’m in London, so I have to repeatedly remind Basket Buddy that I’m several hundred miles to the north.

On the plus side, Basket Buddy includes the option to save particular deals (handy if you fancy making a plan of action before hitting various shops), mark particular stores as favourites, and submit new deals.

As the full name – Basket Buddy HUKD Groceries – suggests, we’re only dealing with groceries at the moment, though I suspect the other HUKD categories (including audiovisual, mobiles and gaming) won’t be far behind. Hopefully.

And that’s Basket Buddy. Go forth and buy loo roll, for cheap!


  • Save money at the shops
  • Mark favourite deals and stores
  • It’s free and ad-less


  • Only groceries at the moment
  • I'm not in London
  • A few crashes on the Android version

Summary: Find groceries for cheap with Basket Buddy. Good times.

Developer: Tipping Canoe

Requires: Android 1.6 or above for Android, iOS 4.0 or above for iOS

Price: free @ App Store and Google Play

Basket Buddy Android review

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Treab  Apr. 16, 2012 at 18:31

Is this emma's way of punishing you for 'rip her clothes'?


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