Battery problems with the Acer Liquid E?

Got an Acer Liquid E phone recently, but I am noticing power issues. I know that smartphones have a horrendous battery life, but I am wondering if there really is something at fault here. Even when I kill all the uneccessary proccesses like wifi and gps, it won't even make it through a single day, and I don't use it much, just a few texts and the odd call too. Sometimes I notice that the battery indicator changes to a question mark too. What do you guys think? Is this ok? Could it be faulty?

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JanSt / MOD  May. 4, 2011 at 11:07

If you really just use it for a few calls and texts, you should get through a day, I'd say.
Now, you say you got it recently. How 'recently'?
The battery will improve a bit after a few charge circles.
WiFi and GPS disabling is a step, but more importantly: kill 3G. Right behind the touchscreen, 3G is the silent battery killer, and for calls and sms (and even email polling or browsing with Opera Mini) you do not need 3G.
I had an Acer Liquid MT shortly, and I got easily through a day using quite a bit of mobile web and IM.
I'll check to see what the '?' means.
If you're not happy and have a returns policy, return it.

Something else though: what about background sync? Have you disabled that, too? Or do you allow apps and email client to do 'as they' please? That could easily deplete your battery even on 2G. Change email updating to 'manual', and disable background syncs. Yes, you need that to use the market etc, but you can enable it as needed.


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