BB PlayBook 'dead on arrival'

It must be Be Angry week in technology land. Microsoft and Yahoo are fighting, Apple is squaring up to Sony and – by the looks of it – Amazon too. And now, says CNBC, an independent analyst has dismissed the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet as “dead on arrival” and “sharply inferior”. Won't RIM be pleased to read about that?

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Johnmcl7  Feb. 2, 2011 at 13:53

I think it depends on who they're aiming at which initial previews don't seem clear on, on the original announcement it was claimed it was going to be aimed at enterprise users but then they called it the 'Playbook' (possibly just to keep up the tradition of giving tablets stupid names) and previews have showed its ability to play back HD video and Quake3...decidedly not enterprise use. I think if they can offer a product which large companies like then they may have a good chance, I work for a very large company and they don't allow Ipads (nor any others) to be any part of the network. However Blackberries are allowed through BES which potentially 'Playbooks' may be as well although admittedly I've not seen anything which gives suggests good enterprise capability


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