BBC iPlayer for Android gets support for 10in tablets

BBC iPlayer for Android gets support for 10in tabletsTablet lovin’ is something Google Play developers seriously need to address, and it’s one area where the App Store is miles ahead.

The 10in BBC iPlayer for Android service was previously laughable, serving as nothing more than a shortcut to the friggin’ website, but it’s now – thanks to an update – all proper and stuff.

Yes, it’s good news for all 14 owners of Android tablets that aren’t Nexus 7s or Kindle Fires (joke!), with 10in tablets now officially supported by BBC iPlayer for Android.

The Beeb’s developers report that the iPlayer for Android app has also been “tweaked” for use on phones and 7in tablets.

In addition, we’re told to expect “further optimisation for larger screens soon”, while work continues on the ability to download programmes to watch on the move – something that’s already available for iOS users.

Somewhat bizarrely, using BBC iPlayer for Android necessitates installation of a separate app, namely BBC Media Player. Couldn't make this sh*t up.

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BEEPBEEP123  May. 27, 2013 at 17:48

Still not compatible with Intel-powered smartphones :(

john333  May. 27, 2013 at 17:50

This app is dire it doesn't work properly on loads of different tablets never mind 10 inch tablets.


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