BBC iPlayer app hits landmark 20m downloads, accounts for 41% of all iPlayer action

BBC iPlayer app hits landmark 20m downloads, accounts for 41% of all iPlayer actionThe Beeb has revealed a bunch of stats relating to its BBC iPlayer app, with the headline – literally – being that it’s notched up a whopping 20 million downloads from the App Store and Google Play.

There’s lots of other interesting stuff in the BBC article, too, including the revelation that the BBC iPlayer app was downloaded 385,600 times on Christmas Day 2012 alone. Cripes.

Of course, Christmas is traditionally a time for people to give and receive outrageously expensive gifts, and clearly a heck of a lot of new tablets and smartphones were being activated on Christmas Day 2012.

Christmas Day 2011 takes second place in BBC iPlayer app downloads, with a still impressive 229,200 downloads.

Last month, the BBC iPlayer app handled 70 million requests to stream or download content to smartphones and tablets.

On the whole, the BBC iPlayer app now accounts for 41% of all BBC iPlayer requests, up from just 6% in 2010.

Interestingly, the Beeb says BBC iPlayer traffic peaks around 10pm as people head to bed with their tablets, while the morning commute tends to drive a lot of traffic, too.

Victoria Jaye, Head of TV Content for BBC iPlayer, purrs: ”Twenty million downloads of the BBC iPlayer mobile app marks a golden age of public service television and cements iPlayer's role as BBC Television's fifth channel, enabling audiences to fit their enjoyment of the full range of BBC programmes around their busy lives.”

via: BBC Media Centre

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Still doesn't work for Intel-powered devices

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Have they decided to allow access over mobile networks yet or is it still wifi only?

I have unlimited data, beeb prats. WHY?


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