BBC Olympic app now available to download for Android and iOS users

BBC Olympic app now available to download for Android and iOS usersReady for the Olympics? Well, the Beeb sure is, and with a fortnight to go before London 2012's big moment the official BBC Olympic App is now free to download for iOS and Android users.

And as promised, mobile sport lovers can look forward to an unprecedented feast of live sporting action streamed straight to their handsets, with up to 24 live streams to choose from at any one time.

The BBC has been flexing its digital muscles through the likes of Wimbledon and Euro 2012, but it's the Olympic Games that's the real sporting highlight of the summer, and the national broadcaster has long since made it clear that it will be setting a new standard when it comes to the sheer amount of content, not to mention quality, it will be broadcasting live – and not just to traditional TV viewers, but to online and mobile viewers too.

UK viewers tuning in via devices running Android 2.2 or later or iOS 5.0 or later can look forward to access to the same 24 live streams that will be available online, and will also be dished up commentary, results, highlights and news stories, which can even be set aside for viewing offline.

An international version of the app has also been announced, which will come with most of the same bells and whistles minus the obvious main course of the live TV streaming. In the true international Olympic spirit, however, it will at least favour stories and headlines most relevant to users' geo-location to give the coverage a localised feel.

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