BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) voice calls

Does BBM, on any of its various formats, include voice messaging? I would've thought that would be an obvious extension of the existing messaging functionality?

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 24, 2014 at 12:26

Yes, since BBM 2.0 was launched in February of this year (2014, FYI :p ), the app lets you make voice calls, also. That applies to Blackberry phones AND to the iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps.
Obviously, the recipient needs to run BBM 2.0 or later, also.
On Blackberry phones some of the world's greedy networks may have disabled BBM Voice Calls over 3G/4G, but you can always use it over WiFi.
I disagree, personally, regarding the second part of your query - "obvious extension of the existing messaging functionality". Is it "obvious"? BBM was always seen as a fast, secure way to text message. I see zero connection to voice calls. It's a reaction to other apps in an attempt to revive the brand. AND, more importantly, it doesn't make Blackberry popular with mobile carriers and networks. It may well be an "obvious" final nail in the BB coffin. Have you noticed how many European networks sell the Passport? Yeah? Me too. Almost none. The networks blame the 'form factor' yada yada yada... FFS, they sell hundreds of identikit Android and WP devices, and, oh noes, we'd die if we sold 1 QWERTY with a square screen. Nah...


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