BBM Music coming soon, streaming/sharing music thingy for BlackBerry

BBM Music coming soon, streaming/sharing music thingy for BlackBerryEveryone and their gran is getting in on cloud-based music action these days. Apple recently unveiled iTunes Match (part of its iCloud service), Amazon has its own thingy, and Google has a little something in the works too.

Now RIM is grabbing a slice of music pie, with news of a new app/service called BlackBerry Messenger Music, or BBM Music for short.

An anonymous tipster tells NerdBerry that the app will launch soon after the arrival of BlackBerry App World 3.0, combining elements of social media with music. It’ll come preloaded on all new BlackBerry phones.

With BBM Music, users can supposedly share songs with friends. RIM will set up its own music library, and for every 50 songs you share with others, you’ll be able to receive 50 from friends.

And how much will this music-based madness set you back? $4.99 per month.

More info as we get it, mes amis.

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