BBM to come preloaded on Android devices?

BBM to come preloaded on Android devices?BlackBerry Messenger has long been rumoured for an Android and iOS release, and that dream will officially become a reality at some point this summer.

It remains to be seen how it’ll fare against rival IM apps, most notably Whatsapp, but BlackBerry has scored a potential coup with the news that BBM might come preloaded on some Android phones.

That’s what BlackBerry Chief Operating Officer Kristian Tear tells CNET via the medium of words.

Unsurprisingly, Tear declined to mention any manufacturers by name, but obviously BBM coming preloaded on Samsung phones, for example, would be a pretty big deal.

Of course, BBM coming to other platforms could be a bit of a dual-edged sword; if BBM is the primary reason for sticking with BlackBerry, well, suddenly Android and iOS are options.

However, Tear says that isn’t a concern for BlackBerry, though it is something they’ve considered.

"We don't feel like that is a risk," purred Tear. "Obviously, if we did, we might have acted differently."

On the contrary, BlackBerry hopes to entice iOS and Android users to BlackBerry 10 by giving them a taste of BBM. Uhm, good luck with that.

Interestingly, Tear reveals that there are currently 61 million active BBM users, with 70% of those using it on a daily basis. Still, that's a fair bit behind Whatsapp, with an estimated 200 million+ user base.

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