BBM realises the preloaded-on-Android dream, LG G Pro Lite first

BBM realises the preloaded-on-Android dream, LG G Pro Lite firstIncredibly, I appear to have scribbled a few hundred words about the LG G Pro Lite back at the beginning of October. Who knew?

To be fair, it doesn’t sound as though the smartphone's coming to Europe, but the interesting story here is that it’ll be the first Android phone to ship with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) preloaded.

We heard back in June that BlackBerry had grand plans to have BBM preloaded on Android devices, and that dream is finally a reality.

Indeed, BlackBerry says it has “more than a dozen OEMs” signed up to have their phones ship with BBM out of the box.

And while we’re talking face-punching stats, BlackBerry has also announced that a whopping 40 million iOS and Android users have signed up to BBM in just 60 days. You might recall the initial frenzy, with 10 million downloads in 24 hours.

Of course, since BBM is free, the big question is: How many of those 40 million users are actually continuing to use BBM, and how many simply installed it out of morbid curiosity?

BlackBerry promises that the BBM experience on Android and iOS will “continue to evolve” in “the coming months”, introducing support for BBM Channels (“a new service that connects BBM users to communities of shared interests in a very engaging and intimate manner”), in addition to BBM Voice and BBM Video calls.

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