BBM on Android: does the camera ever lie?

BBM on Android: does the camera ever lie?What's this? BlackBerry Messenger on a non-BlackBerry phone? You've got to be kidding.

Oh, right, you are. Because for now, at least, it looks like BBM will be staying quite firmly in RIM's stable.

It had been rumoured that BlackBerry was planning on licensing its ever popular proprietary messaging service to other manufacturers with even Apple purported to be in the running (though we poured scorn on that very idea last week.). In fact, we suggested that if it was going anywhere, it'd be Android.

Cue smug faces all around when TechRadar posted screenshots of BBM on an Android phone yesterday.

Alas, looks like it was all a bit of a false alarm because at least one of the pictures was from BlackBerry's dev blog.

However, before you allow tears to splatter down and bounce off your space bar, there may be some likelihood of it happening after all. Because remember that these pictures are not from some kind of mock. They actually do show BBM on Android. So even if it is a developer account, it looks like moves are being made somewhere to port it over.

And apparently, a RIM insider told TechRadar that the app is in the final stages of testing before a 2012 rollout.

The rumours have been around for a while and though we don't necessarily believe Apple will be adopting the format (why would it, it has iMessage?), we are quite intrigued by the idea of Android and BlackBerry teaming up.

They've shown themselves to be tolerant of each other already with the news that Android apps will run on BlackBerry's PlayBook tablet (maybe even phones too) and, lets face it, competitors they may be, but they both hate Apple with equal disdain.

Yes, there are various alternatives available (we are big fans of WhatsApp for example) but BBM has certain benefits. For example, it's incredibly secure - just ask London's Met police force. And on top of that, it's a major platform which has a lot of PR power behind it. BBM is now second only to email for RIM when it comes to selling points.

So, watch this space(bar).. It may not be ready for release yet and the pics may not be as tantalising as first though. But nevertheless, it looks like BBM for Android is on its way..

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