BBX video demo shows Android apps running on the BlackBerry PlayBook

BBX video demo shows Android apps running on the BlackBerry PlayBookYou could be forgiven for thinking the notion that RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook would be opened up to run Android apps will never actually happen, so long ago was the idea first surfaced.

But it's still very much on the cards, and the key to making it happen is the newly christened BBX OS, which has been shown off spinning some Android apps in a new video that's surfaced online.

BBX first came to our attention a couple of weeks ago, and it's now confirmed to be the QNX-based next-gen platform RIM will be entrusting its future to, both on tablets and BlackBerry smartphones.

It gave the OS a fairly decent airing at the Devcon event in San Francisco recently, but now a developer has posted a video of it in action on the BlackBerry PlayBook, and sure enough the slate is shown running Android apps in the wild.

RIM claims the end user won't be able to tell the difference between downloading an Android app or a native BlackBerry one, with both set to sit side-by-side in the BlackBerry App World.

We've long since felt that opening up RIM devices to run Android apps could be the life-saving move that saves the company from falling away in the mobile game altogether. Now it would just be nice if they could get on with it.

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