Bendgate returns! This time it’s the ultra-thin iPad Air 2

Bendgate returns! This time it’s the ultra-thin iPad Air 2The iPhone 6 Plus hit headlines recently when it materialised that the 5.5in phone was susceptible to bending when put under significant trouser-based stress. Despite the abundance of media attention, it was largely accepted that the whole thing was blown out of all proportion, and indeed Apple confirmed that only a miniscule number of customers were affected.

Being both taller and thinner, the iPad Air 2 has inevitably come under the microscope, and here we’re seeing it bent to within an inch of its life by a crazy German with more money than sense.

At an astoundingly thin 6.1mm, the iPad Air 2 is one of the world’s thinnest tablets (more on that later); some would argue too thin, considering it’s 240mm tall.

Since the iPhone 6 Plus has been known to bend on occasion, the obvious concern is that the iPad Air 2 might follow in its footsteps.

As shared on YouTube, some guy called Marvin kindly looks to address those concerns, taking an iPad Air 2 and folding it into a lovely L-shape. “Oh my God! iPad Air 2 does extremely bend using only my hands!” Don’t try this at home, kids; or at least wear some protective gloves.

Marv jokes: “Let’s try getting this changed on the Apple Store.” Yeah, good luck with that. Maybe I’ll drive my car into a wall and get a free replacement, too.

Seriously, we wonder how the iPad Air 2 fares under NORMAL USE. Answers on a folded postcard.

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 27, 2014 at 14:06

I think Apple should ship the next batch with a small explosives charge inside. Not much. Just enough to stun those idiots, and maybe disable their typing fingers for a few days.

Seriously, can't they upload kitten photos?


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