Big iPads are cool again, out-shipping the iPad mini

Big iPads are cool again, out-shipping the iPad miniTime was, circa the iPad mini and iPad 4, Apple’s 7.9in tablet offering was preferred over its 9.7in big broski.

But in Q1 this year, the iPad Air and iPad “with Retina display” (that’s the iPad 4) supposedly punched the iPad mini “with Retina display” (or iPad mini 2) and first-gen iPad mini into submission.

That’s the story over on CNET, which in turn credits BrightWire News, which in turn credits Korean-language ZDNet.

We’re told that 7.9in iPad mini displays weighed in at just over 6 million units in Q1 2014, compared to 8.4 million of the larger 9.7in iPad display.

The iPad Air and iPad 4 "really pulled away from the mini in [the fourth quarter of 2013], after running very close to each other during 2013," says Paul Semenza, who runs NPD's DisplaySearch and Solarbuzz. "I would say it is a fair conclusion to say that iPad out-shipped the iPad mini in Q1 [2014].”

It's an interesting turn of events, since the iPad mini was essentially a small iPad 2 (i.e. pretty rubbish), while the iPad mini 2 is a small iPad Air (i.e. pretty sweet).

9.7in iPad displays are predominantly supplied by Apple’s best mate, Samsung, though LG takes the lion’s share for all iPads combined.

Speaking of large iPads, Apple is expected to unveil a 12.9in iPad Pro any minute now, and we were saying yesterday that iOS 8 is tipped to introduce split-screen multitasking.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 15, 2014 at 12:39

iPad mini was essentially a small iPad 2 (i.e. pretty rubbish)

All pretty relative.
I know a girl who has an iPhone 4S. For Christmas she got herself an iPad Mini. She's very very happy with it. It always depends on where people are coming from. Like there were people genuinely 'happy' with their WP7.5 device.... Or they like the Z10 etc. Hey, a few people like Samsung :p
But at some point saturation kicks in. And as phones near 6-in territory??????
Also: lets face it: you don't want an iPad Mini in your coat pocket. May as well get a bigger tab if you need to carry it IN something extra. Maybe Jobs was right?

loofer  May. 15, 2014 at 21:14

I got an iPad Air wifi but now giving serious consideration to getting an iPad mini retina 4G instead and swapping my iPhone 5 for an android device.
Probably go have a look at a IPad mini tomorrow at PCWorldCurrysDixonsCarPhonewareHouse to see how portable it is and if it really would fit in a jacket pocket.

JanSt / MOD  May. 15, 2014 at 21:21

It fits in my coat's inside pocket.

loofer  May. 15, 2014 at 21:49

Just gave it a second thought, rather than get the 4g version, get a wifi version and a contract that includes tethering. Just the thought of draining phone battery that worries me.

back to the original news piece... I'm surprised the iPad mini retina wasn't most popular, you got pretty much exact spec as the Air whereas the original mini was kind of inferior to it's big brother.

having said that with only an £80 difference between mini retina and Air I can see why ppl would go for the Air, especially since the Air was pretty much discounted right from release...BlackFriday offers/ Tesco £30 code/Asda had an offer/PC World Currys offering cashback/John Lewis price match and then all these Amazon sellers and Spencerwhat's-it-called on

Never known an iPad to be available so cheap immediately after release.


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