Best big-screen Windows Phone?

What's the best big-screen Windows Phone?

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JanSt / MOD  Sep. 16, 2014 at 20:26

Depends on HOW big ;)

The 6in Nokia Lumia 1520 is excellent - IF the size doesn't put you off. The screen is fantastic.
It's fast. It has class-rocking battery life. The camera is very good - if a bit slower than the non-WP competition. It's a beast, really :p
I can play an hour of GTA San Andreas on it and the battery hardly notices the effort.
Did I mention that the screen is utterly and completely stunning? It is.
You can read many websites (FULL sites, not the mobile nonsense) without zooming in.

Next up? The Lumia 930. 5in AMOLED (unfortunately, the screen used, though gorgeous, does not support Nokia's Glance feature - i.e. the tap-to-wake and the clock on the sleep screen). Camera is pretty much on par with that of the 1520 - though there are differences.
It's fast, and, obviously, better to handle than its 6in brother.
Personally, I still prefer the Lumia 1020. It has the prefect size. It has all the goodies camera-wise. And, although it's dual-core and a generation behind in terms of hardware, it's the fastest of the 3 once you install WP 8.1 and Cyan. At least the one I use. That may be debatable as all three are very fast (the now trademark slight camera lag aside).

Of course, the HTC One M8 for Windows may one day arrive in Europe, who knows.


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