Bigger HTC One on the way; M4 is the HTC One mini

Bigger HTC One on the way; M4 is the HTC One miniIt’s been a funny old week for HTC news. The Taiwanese manufacturer denies rumours of an HTC One Google Edition, while the HTC First ain’t coming to the UK for now. Martin also scribbled about a depressing talent exodus, and what about that HTC Desire 600?

The latest rumours detail a larger HTC One, essentially the same phone with a potentially mammoth screen, while the much-discussed M4 is supposedly called the HTC One mini.

That’s the word according to an article over on Pocket-lint, with credit going to anonymous “people familiar with the matter”.

The HTC One, of course, has a 4.7in 1080p display, a tad smaller than the 5in 1080p displays on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Sony Xperia Z. It remains the Taiwanese manufacturer's largest phone to date (tied with the HTC Sensation XL and HTC Titan).

The larger HTC One will apparently have a display in the 5-6in range. With the sources saying it’ll be “in line with what Samsung offers with the Samsung Galaxy S4”, we imagine it’ll be closer to 5in.

Meanwhile, the rumoured HTC M4 is supposedly on the verge of adopting the HTC One mini moniker, contradicting the notion that there’ll be only one One this year.

Last time we talked HTC M4, we saw a pretty sexy looking pic, very HTC One-ish, while the spec sheet threatens to deliver a 4.3in 720p display, dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM and Jelly Bean (Android 4.2).

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JanSt / MOD  May. 25, 2013 at 12:16

Less is more... one is 5 ... blah blah. It's as if they try to fail.


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