Seeing the bigger picture? Nokia phablets, tablets and more tipped in crazy rumour bonanza

Seeing the bigger picture? Nokia phablets, tablets and more tipped in crazy rumour bonanzaThe mobile industry is no stranger to outlandish rumours. Some come across as crazy at first, but begin to make sense the more you think about it.

Some, unfortunately, go the other way. And until we hear some fairly meaty corroboration we'll have to put this in the latter category.

It's all about Nokia, and specifically Nokias with big screens. From Lumias to tablets and everything in between, this is one seriously large tip-off. It's been surfaced by MyNokiaBlog via an anonymous insider, and MNB itself starts by warning you to reach for the salt.

Starting with tablets, we're told to expect two tablets, a 10.5in (measuring just 8.5mm thick) and an 8.5in model, both with aluminium construction and available in green, black, pink, blue, yellow and white.

Interestingly, Nokia will flesh out a “Zoom” range of imaging devices, presumably kicking off with the soon-to-launch 909/Eos, and it'll cover not just phones but tablets too. That's right, a specialist imaging tablet.

As for phones, we're told they'll all be bigger. Specifically, a range of Lumia xx5 devices will join the Lumia 925 currently available, and all will be larger than the Lumias out now. We'll see a 4.5in Lumia 525, a 4.6in Lumia 625, a 5in Lumia 725, a 5.2in Lumia 825 and a 5.5in Lumia 926 (the 925 model name has already been taken, obviously, though so in fact has the Lumia 825, a point not widely known).

As for a phablet, the tipster reckons we're looking at something in the 6-7in class, and it'll arrive in mid-June 2014.

It's a lot to take in, and to be honest for the most part comes across like a badly conceived Murtazin-DigiTimes uber-rumour. And not in a good way.

The so-called Zoom range is the most doubtful-sounding. Nokia has spent years producing individual imaging devices built around the camera itself. Yes, the Eos supposedly delivers the strengths of PureView without straying far from the Lumia design template, but that doesn't mean Nokia's about to stick its imaging tech in any old body, and specifically something as unintuitive for photography as a 10.5in tablet. Hopefully.

For smaller tablets, and larger phones, meanwhile, both Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 have a long way to go before we'll even be remotely confident that the ambitious list of products that make up the rest of the list is even doable, never mind something to look forward to.

About the most plausible at this stage would have to be the phablet, though how anyone could claim to know a single product has been pencilled in for mid-June 2014 at this point is beyond me.

But our source insists: “This information is not a fairy tale... you'll hear more soon from Nokia.”

For now, you'll have to forgive us for saying we're not too sure about that.

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 9, 2013 at 01:26

What, no Nokia car? Assault rifle? Pah....


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