Bingo Words iOS review

Bingo Words iOS reviewWe have a genuine contender for Shortest Review of All Time here, but I’ll do my bestest to drag it out, you feel me?

Uhm, so, what do you make of this Kate Middleton topless fiasco? It’ll be pretty funny if/when she becomes queen. “Seen the queen’s boobs? Yeah, me too.”

Back to the matter in hand (sorry), Bingo Words is a spanking new, er, word game for iOS. Don’t worry too much about the bingo element; that really just refers to the speediness.

Nah, Bingo Words is more like Scrabble without the scoring. Or something.

What happens is, see, you’re presented with a 5x5 playing area, and a number of the squares have stars on. Using the letters along the bottom, the aim is simply to form a series of words – any words will do – and cover up all the stars as quickly as possible. Simple.

Bingo Words is a strictly multiplayer affair, and plays out like, say, Draw Something or Song Pop.

That means each turn has three parts. Firstly, you view the results of the challenge you sent previously, with your opponent trying to cover up the stars quicker than you did.

Next up, you’re trying to beat the time laid down by your opponent, and finally you lay down a new Bingo Words challenge. And so it begins all over again. Phew.

Somewhat bizarrely, a Facebook account is absolutely mandatory, which instantly rules out curmudgeonly people like Jan who prefer – exclusively – Twitter.

On the plus side, you can play with total randoms, so you don’t need to worry about your Facebook friends picking up Bingo Words. EDIT: Having said that, now that the game's finally live, I'm finding myself inundated with random requests, with no way to make myself 'invisible'. Argh!

For the obligatory in-game currency, we’re dealing with plain old coins. Going through the above process eats up two coins (accepting and issuing a challenge), however they replenish at… some sort of rate.

If you’re desperate for coins, you can of course buy some for real monies. I’m juggling several Bingo Words games, and I’ve never felt the need.

And that’s Bingo Words. Hmm, I guess that “Kate Middleton topless” reference wasn’t entirely necessary after all. Still, I like the thought of random pervs accidentally stumbling across this review when they’re looking for long-distance boobies.


  • It’s… fun?
  • It's free
  • Fairly easy on the old currency thing


  • Mandatory Facebookness
  • Can't disable random game requests
  • There’s not a great deal to it

Summary: Bingo Words is an enjoyable little multiplayer/social game that’s thankfully more Scrabble than bingo.


Requires: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Price: free @ App Store

Bingo Words iOS review

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Pondlife  Sep. 21, 2012 at 17:15

If you'd lead with the facebook bit I wouldn't have even got to the boobs part, and nope not seen them tbh.


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