Black Friday UK mobile deals 2014 (UPDATED!)

Black Friday UK mobile deals 2014 (UPDATED!)Phew, it's been a crazy day, with websites melting, people getting hit on the head with wallet-friendly televisions, and general consumer-based insanity. It could only be Black Friday.

Below you'll find a convenient round-up of the best Black Friday UK mobile and tablet deals, with nary a flying television to be seen.

Unsurprisingly, the iPad mini is getting a lot of Black Friday love. Specifically, you can grab the first-generation iPad mini for £149 delivered @ Tesco Direct - that's in Space Grey and with 16GB storage.

Alternatively, there's the iPad mini 2, essentially an iPad mini 3 without the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. It's £209 delivered @ Currys - in silver and, again, with 16GB storage.

In mobile, the LG G2 has unsurprisingly sold out for £150 @ Vodafone, but PAYG upgraders (yeah, I just made up a word) might fancy the Nokia Lumia 530 for £14.95 @ Carphone Warehouse. No, that's not a typo. Fourteen ninety-five.

Here are the best Black Friday UK mobile and tablet deals in full:

Black Friday mobile deals - tablets

Black Friday mobile deals - accessories

Black Friday mobile deals - apps

Black Friday mobile deals - mobile phones

(Our history of Black Friday was initially published on November 6)

It’s almost that time of year again. Thanksgiving Thursday in the US gives way to Black Friday, and that means savings aplenty for shoppers.

We’ve still three weeks to go, yes, but we’re setting up camp early so when the time comes, we can share all the best Black Friday mobile deals in one handy feature. In the meantime, I’m scribbling words aplenty about the history of the great tradition.

When is Black Friday?

Our transatlantic cousins celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November, and Black Friday follows the day after.

This year Thanksgiving is on November 27, so that means Black Friday is on – you guessed it – November 28.

What is Black Friday?

Like Thanksgiving, Black Friday is primarily a US tradition, and unofficially marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. Black Friday itself traditionally plays host to insane deals, often leading to in-store brawls, and it’s invariably the busiest shopping day of the year for Americans.

In recent years, the Black Friday tradition has spilled into other countries, including the UK, with Amazon in particular making a big song and dance about it. See below for Black Friday UK retailer links.

Why’s it called Black Friday?

There are two schools of thought here. Some suggest Black Friday originated in Philadelphia, where the term was used to describe the impact of increased pedestrian and vehicular traffic the day immediately after Thanksgiving.

Alternatively, tying in more with the shopping theme, Black Friday possibly indicates the point at which retailers move from “the red” (i.e. operating at a loss) to “the black” (i.e. turning profit).

How long does Black Friday last?

In the states, some retailers get the Black Friday party started on Thanksgiving Thursday, though some states – this is fantastic – prohibit shops from opening until the Friday. I love America. Turkey on Thursday, shopping on Friday. IT’S THE LAW.

Likewise, Black Friday doesn’t necessarily end when the clock strikes midnight. Some have started throwing around the term Black Friday Weekend, and of course it’s followed by Cyber Monday, yielding four straight days of deals.

What’s Cyber Monday?

The term was coined back in 2005 in an attempt to convince consumers to shop online. It’s not quite as big a deal as Black Friday, and of course the lines are completely blurred; there’ll be no shortage of online deals the day after Thanksgiving.

How is Mobot celebrating Black Friday?

With a little help from HotUKDeals, we’ll be keeping an eye out for the very best Black Friday mobile deals on both phones and tablets, and heck – pretty much anything related to mobile.

And don’t worry; we’ll promote this article to the front page so you don’t miss out.

Excited? Me too! Come oooooon, Black Friday…

Black Friday retailer links

We've still a couple of weeks to go at the time of writing (hello, from November 13), but several retailers have put up Black Friday placeholder pages/countdowns. Check it out:

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