BlackBerry 10 phones still nearly a year away

BlackBerry 10 phones still nearly a year awayBad news if you like the look of the BlackBerry London and fancy getting yourself a piece of the action: it's going to be a long time before it'll be seeing the light of day.

RIM has just announced its latest quarterly results, and as expected profits continue to tumble. But far more troubling was the revelation that the company's next-generation BlackBerry 10 handsets – such as the London – won't be available until “the latter part of 2012”.

Total sales for the third quarter came in at 14.1 million units, which was pretty much what was expected, and earnings actually managed to beat Wall Street expectations. But RIM has been forced to lower its Q4 guidance, a move which saw the company's share price drop 7%.

And it might keep dropping, after co-CEO Mike Lazaridis revealed in his earnings call that “we now expect our first BlackBerry 10 smartphone to come to market in the latter part of calendar 2012”.

Apparently it's down to a shortage of processors, but either way it's a pretty big setback after what Lazaridis called the most trying quarter in the company's history.

BlackBerry PlayBook sales were pegged at just 150,000 for the quarter, with nearly half a billion dollar's worth of stock out there gathering dust. And if RIM can't sell them now, there's not much chance it'll be able to sell them three months from now. Unless it does an HP-style fire sale, that is.

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mrew42  Dec. 17, 2011 at 09:16

Too little too late......

Guan  Dec. 17, 2011 at 11:24



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