BlackBerry 9720 pictures leak: BB7's final act?

BlackBerry 9720 pictures leak: BB7's final act?BlackBerry boss Thorsten Heins promised one more BlackBerry 7 OS device this year, and it looks like this is it – the BlackBerry 9720.

News of the 9720 first leaked over the weekend, and today we've been given a series of pics to mull over too.

BlackBerry's focus these days is focused firmly on its new generation BlackBerry 10 range, so it's no surprise that the 9720 doesn't offer much of a surprise in terms of either looks or specs.

Visually it's for the most part a traditional Bold design, though with some of the softer stylings we've seen on the new BB10 QWERTY handsets.

Specs-wise we only know it'll have a 360 x 480 display and Wi-Fi, but the rest of the spec will no doubt be familiar reading.

What we don't know for sure is whether it'll be a Bold handset or part of the Curve lineup (assuming it's either), and given the limited detail on the spec, what sort of price we're looking at when it appears. Come to think of it, we also don't know when that'll be.

Chances are BlackBerry will target specific markets where BB7 is still doing well (so probably not the UK, then), and price it aggressively enough that it won't cannibalise sales of its BB10 QWERTY handsets.

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 9, 2013 at 18:02

Good. The smart choice for anyone who wants a usable BB.


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