First BlackBerry Aristo picture hits the web

First BlackBerry Aristo picture hits the webWe're still not sure what to make of the rumours that emerged a couple of days ago about the BlackBerry A10 or Aristo – y'know, the forthcoming BB handset supposedly targeted at gamers.

Well now we have a pic too, or so we're led to believe, giving us our first visual reference of the phablet-sized BlackBerry flagship.

It's not a hugely revealing pic, partly because of the quality but also because of the angle. But still, it's a step up from the BlackBerry logo we used to illustrate Wednesday's story with.

And it nicely shows off the softer lines we were told to expect compared with BlackBerry's current all-touch range-topper, the BlackBerry Z10.

What it doesn't really give us a sense of is how a phablet-sized 'Berry will look and feel in the hand. Talking of the screen, I suggested on Wednesday that the A10 would surely come with a full HD display given its size and the fact that the smaller Z10 has a 720p resolution as it is.

But no, apparently we're looking at a resolution of only 1,024 x 768, which works out as a pixel density of 256ppi – not terrible but not on the same level as similar sized rivals already on the market.

In truth it's just another odd detail to add to what already felt like an odd proposal. Feel free to prove us wrong, BlackBerry, but as of right now we just can't see the Aristo getting off the ground.


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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 12, 2013 at 20:24

Angle isn't good, but if that is a phablet it is thick.
But nevermind, it'll flop. Whooooosh....


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