BlackBerry attack

BlackBerry attackSo I’m sitting here trying to get my head around all the new BlackBerry phones that are in production, and I figured I might as well turn my little list into a full-blown feature. Why the hell not? Let’s rock.

Love or hate Apple, it’s impressive that they manage to command such a massive share of the market with, essentially, just one phone. At the opposite end of the scale, RIM appears to be desperately trying to cover all bases with its next wave; touchscreen with a keyboard, touchscreen with a sliding keyboard, touchscreen sans keyboard, keyboard with a non-touch screen… bloody hell.

Beholdeth, the many, many BlackBerry phones that are on the horizon (or at least rumoured to be). We’re expecting to see most of these at BlackBerry World in May.

BlackBerry attackBlackBerry Orlando

The BlackBerry Orlando recently popped up on N4BB. It looks like a BlackBerry Curve with a touchscreen, but shouldn’t be confused with the BlackBerry Curve Touch. No siree, that’s a different BlackBerry entirely.

There’s not much to go on in terms of specs at this early stage, but a leaked picture clearly shows a QWERTY keyboard to go with that touchscreen. Since we’ve only just heard of the BlackBerry Orlando, we’re not convinced it’ll appear at BlackBerry World next month. Somewhat ironically, the event takes place in – you guessed it – Orlando.

Keyboard: Yes

Touchscreen: Yes

BlackBerry attackBlackBerry Touch (Monaco/Monza)

The BlackBerry Storm was the first touchscreen-only BlackBerry, but split opinion with its SurePress haptic feedback technology. The BlackBerry Touch is expected to be a sequel of sorts to the Storm.

The BlackBerry Touch is being developed under the codenames Monaco and Monza. The former is expected to be the US Verizon version, with the latter being the global GSM edition. It’s not clear what the final name will be, but Touch is far too close to Torch in our opinion. Potential confusion ahoy.

Keyboard: No

Touchscreen: Yes

BlackBerry attackBlackBerry Curve Touch (Malibu)

The BlackBerry Curve Touch – or BlackBerry Malibu, if you will – is yet another touchscreen-only smartphone from RIM. We’re not sure why it adopts the Curve name, as until now it had always been synonymous with its ideal-for-messaging keyboard.

A recently-leaked spec sheet suggests a 3.2in screen, 800MHz processor and 5MP camera. It’s also expected to support Near Field Communication (NFC) for contactless payment-related goodness.

Keyboard: No

Touchscreen: Yes

BlackBerry attackBlackBerry Torch 2

The original BlackBerry Torch combined a touchscreen with a sliding keyboard for what should’ve been the best of both worlds; a decent-sized 3.2in display and a full QWERTY keyboard. Alas, the 624MHz processor was a little underwhelming.

The BlackBerry Torch 2 is pretty much the same phone (physically it’s identical), but it’ll double that modest 624MHz to a significantly-more-impressive 1.2GHz. Nice.

Keyboard: Yes (sliding)

Touchscreen: Yes

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 (Montana)

As the name suggests, the BlackBerry Bold Touch is, well, a BlackBerry Bold with a touchscreen. RIM has recently had a few cheeky leaky videos pulled from YouTube, but you can still check out the BlackBerry Bold Touch in action, courtesy of BBLeaks.

Keyboard: Yes

Touchscreen: Yes

BlackBerry Curve (Sedona/Apollo)

The new BlackBerry Curves are being developed under the codenames Sedona and Apollo, though they’ll likely be carrier variants of the same device. With a QWERTY keyboard and non-touch screen, the new BlackBerry Curve will be a more traditional, probably business-oriented RIM smartphone. It’s reportedly supermodel-thin.

Keyboard: Yes

Touchscreen: No

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 11, 2011 at 13:50

Right, the Torch 2 has an interesting form factor, and if they got a grip on the battery, I could be a niiice phone. The others?
Why put a touchscreen on the Curve? So we all find out how to drain a battery faster? :p So we can play Angry Birds?


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