BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 pricing revealed (sort of)

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 pricing revealed (sort of)There are some eager beavers out there, salivating uncontrollably at the thought of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900. Once such beaver recently paid £900 for a leaked unit on eBay.

Well, the rest of you beavers won’t have long to wait, as the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 is expected to land some time in the latter half of August.

All of the Big Five networks in the UK will carry the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900. Three hasn’t revealed its pricing just yet, but the other four – O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile – have been more forthcoming.

The handset will be free from all four networks. T-Mobile is looking for £30.64 per month, while the Vodafone, Orange and O2 contracts are a tad over £35. It’s not yet clear how many minutes and texts – or how much data – those tariffs will bag you, or indeed how long the contracts are. We reckon 18 months is pretty likely.

The BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 runs OS 7, with a 1.2GHz processor (making it the most powerful BlackBerry yet), 2.8in touchscreen, full QWERTY, 5MP camera and 8GB of storage.

via: GSMArena

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 22, 2011 at 09:09

So really - pricing not reveled at all :p


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