BlackBerry Classic still more than half a year away

BlackBerry Classic still more than half a year awayBlackBerry boss John Chen has dished up some fresh details on the BlackBerry Classic, the QWERTY-toting handset the company hopes will bring back the glory days when it arrives later this year.

And while it all sounds well and good, the bad news for keyboard lovers is that by “later this year” BlackBerry means November, as in still more than half a year from now.

It was Chen himself who told us the Classic (or the BlackBerry Q20) was on its way, when he mentioned it alongside the touch-only Z3 at MWC in February.

But in an interview with USA Today this week, Chen went into more detail, including talking about just what was “Classic” about the Q20 in the first place.

It's mostly about usability, it seems, with the Classic set to be the spiritual successor of the BlackBerry Bold (surely the “classic” BlackBerry) in offering features like a 3.5in touchscreen, optical touchpad and old-school function keys.

Fair enough, though we're a bit worried Chen has taken the whole going back in time thing a bit far by mentioning “very fast internet, web-browsing capability and multimedia capability” as if they're cutting-edge features.

And for more of the same: “But also it will be very productive and very secure. So, all the familiar things that people love, with some new technology updated.”

Thanks for that, John.

To be fair, the USA Today demographic is far more mainstream than a specialist tech programme or publication, so this was hardly a platform for going into technical details.

But it's probably not just me thinking that while it would be great to see the BlackBerry Classic prove everyone wrong and sell millions upon millions, there's pretty much zero chance of it actually happening.

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mrew42  Apr. 24, 2014 at 11:44

Black who?


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