BlackBerry to introduce Amazon App Store with BlackBerry 10.3 this autumn

BlackBerry to introduce Amazon App Store with BlackBerry 10.3 this autumnBlackBerry? WhoBerry? Ah yeah, the Artist Formerly Known as RIM (TAFKAR), which once ruled the smartphone roost alongside Nokia. Are they still going? It would seem so.

Anyway! Yes, the ailing Canadian manufacturer has announced that it’ll bring the Amazon App Store to BlackBerry 10 users in autumn, specifically when it rolls out the BlackBerry 10.3 update.

That’s the word over on INSIDE BlackBerry: The official BlackBerry Blogs, with the headline: "You want apps! We've got apps!" Yeah, keep your collective chin up, guys! Woo!

“We’ve heard your appeals for access to more applications for your BlackBerry 10 device and we are delivering,” write the Canadians.

“We have announced a licensing agreement for the Amazon Appstore to bring more than 200,000 Android apps to you this fall when the BlackBerry 10.3 operating system launches.”

Meanwhile, John Chen tells Fox Business News: “We have about 130,000 apps on BlackBerry World. Amazon have about 240,000 and they're getting into the phone world. We want to focus on enterprise, highly secure applications. Our partnership through Amazon will provide the consumer side."

It’s unlikely that the move will see a massive upsurge in BlackBerry 10 consumer sales, but good news for those who’ve already bravely grabbed a Z10 or similar. You poor guys.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 19, 2014 at 14:25

Seems their only choice. BB10 apps are still mostly sucky. And there are still many gaps in the market, also. Android apps run reasonably well at this point.

loofer  Jun. 19, 2014 at 16:43

What's on Amazon App store? Never quite understood it. Thought it was primary for Books/Music/Video. is it Android based and so apps like What's App will work the same as on an Android device?
I'm thinking this could be good news for those that bought the Z10 for £130 recently


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