BlackBerry Laguna detailed in latest BB10 leak

BlackBerry Laguna detailed in latest BB10 leakBlackBerry 10 is still painfully far from seeing the light of day considering all the new rival devices we've been introduced to recently, but at least we finally appear to be approaching the home straight.

What makes us say that? The emergence of another bit of BB-flavoured phone leakage, this time shedding a fair bit of light on the rather exotically code-named BlackBerry Laguna.

This appears to be the CDMA variant of the oft-rumoured BlackBerry London, which is likely to be the first touchscreen (or L-Series) BB10 handset launched early next year.

The headline fact worth knowing about is the 1280 x 768 resolution, which on a 4.2in screen size amounts to a not unshabby 355dpi, which certainly isn't bad.

That aside, we're getting used to the sound of the dual-core Snapdragon S4 Krait processor, 4G connectivity, 1GB of RAM and an 8MP camera. NFC and Wi-Fi Direct are now taken as a given.

It's a spec that puts the Laguna (and therefore, we assume, the London) into the frame as a respectable touchscreen contender.

What will ultimately make the difference for RIM - and really it was always going to come down to this - is BlackBerry 10 itself. RIM's decision to delay the OS's rollout to early 2013 is in effect a promise that it'll get everything right first time. No pressure at all, chaps.

Via GSMArena

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